Stardew Valley Diverse Characters Mod

I think Stardew Valley is a fantastic game but if there’s one thing about it that’s bothered me since the beginning, it’s the fact that it’s rather whitewashed. Demetrius and his daughter Maru are the only non-white people in the game and that always seemed wrong to me.

Luckily, a friend who also plays the game pointed out to me a mod that aims to make the characters more diverse. It’s still a work in progress since the creator, notsnuffie, wants to eventually redo all of the characters, but the ones that have been done so far are simply amazing!

There’s not just a diversity in race but also in other aspects. Currently there’s just a MtF Penny but there are plans for a FtM character, a disabled character, a drag queen, and to make Clint into a butch lesbian. I’m really excited to see all of those.

The mod is available as a single download or you can pick and choose which characters you’d like to replace. I got all of them, although I’ve having a hard time deciding whether to use Albino Demetrius or not. Definitely going with the dreadlock cuffs on Elliott though.

Elliott with dreadlock cuffs

So handsome!


  1. Elliott looks like my husband! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Diversity in videos games, much like the portrayal of women (e.g., lack of armor & ridiculous body proportions) in video games, is certainly an issue. And it goes quite deep as the game lore is rarely based on the mythology of non-white people.

    1. Now I am just a little bit jealous of you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yeah, that’s so true. I’d love to see more games like Never Alone that are based off the cultural stories of non-white people. Not only would it be better for diversity, but it would also bring more variety to our games!

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