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RimWorld was a game that I ended up playing in a roundabout way. I first came across it on Healing the Masses where J3w3l compared it to Prison Architect. I never really got into Prison Architect but I knew Lord Crumb enjoyed the game. So I said he should check it out, he bought it, and then proceeded to play it for hours upon hours. When he began telling me some of the crazy things that happened in game, my curiosity was piqued. One night when I was bored and Lord Crumb was away at work, I decided to give it a try. We use the Family Library Sharing feature of Steam to share games between the two of us, and I started up his copy of RimWorld. That was at 7pm. At 4am, I finally shut the game down for the night, having completely skipped a set of physio exercises, supper, and most likely some sleep. There’s no denying that when a game can hold your attention like that for 9 hours, it’s something worth getting, so I bought my own copy the very next day.

If there was a game I would compare it to, it would be Banished, just on a smaller scale and with more detail/flexibility. You’ll begin with 3 individuals rather than 3 families, and buildings are constructed a block at a time in any shape and size you want rather than predetermined models. There are bills (aka things to do) that you create however you like. You can decide who gets what job, clothes, and weapons, or you can just let the game figure it out for you. RimWorld also has a space cowboy feel that I absolutely adore (the developer even says that Firefly was an inspiration) and the AI storyteller sure can create some dramatic or downright hilarious events. Oh, and the game supports mods. So. Many. Mods. I’m so in love with them that I have about 70 currently installed right now. Some just make small changes in how the game operates (thank goodness for Crafting Hysteresis, ED-Embrasures, and Mending) while others add a lot of new content (such as Medieval Times and Vegetable Garden).

But what does any of this have to do with Twitter? Well, after constantly starting new saves (mostly because I found a new mod to try out), I finally told myself that I needed to play one save from beginning to end. Taking inspiration (again) from J3w3l’s Let’s Die in Darkest Dungeon video series, I decided to try naming my colonists after folks on Twitter and live-tweeting what was happening as I played. In this game, I started as a colony (some research has already completed, including Electricity) and had 3 colonists.

I was worried at first that I might annoy people with my constant updates, but everyone really seemed to enjoy reading about the game as it progressed, and some of the crazy things that occurred along the way. (Plus it’s Twitter, I think spamming tweets is the whole idea. πŸ˜‰ ) Here are some of my favorite tweets and responses from the game:

J3w3l being chased by a terrifying bunny.

Our first new colonist joins and is already going mad with power.

Second new colonist is all about the style.

Tyrannodorkus and J3w3l decide that their impending doom will not get in the way of their love…

Which somehow evolves into murder…

And cannibalism.

Thankfully this meat comes from a dead raider, not Tyrannodorkus.


Weirdest marriage ceremony ever.

Rakuno just wants to get close to Tyrannodorkus…to slice him into delicious Rex steaks.

But look at how cute and fuzzy he is!

Oh well, he’ll make a good rug.

The RNG just kept throwing women at me for new colonists.

We say “cannibalism”, Rakuno says “waste not, want not”.

Strangely enough, the toe was never seen again and Rakuno was seen smiling a lot.

Dude where’s my muffalo?

There’s an unhealthy amount of murderous creatures on this planet.

The colony where everyone wants to eat everyone and everything else.

Also: ouch.

Having our cannibal doctor as our cook was a poor choice.

Death by boar herd. πŸ™

Even though I got everyone killed in the end (note to self: walls and weapons are important), I had so much fun playing this colony all the way to the end. The crazy randomness of the game is fantastic, but naming colonists after Twitter folks and seeing their responses just made it so much better. There was a lot of laughing on my end and I think that everyone else enjoyed seeing what would happen next. Which is why I didn’t give up on the live-tweeting-RimWorld, but that new game is for a future post! You can watch my Twitter if you want to see the action as it’s happening.

A special shout-out to all the (unwitting) participants: Tyrannodorkus, J3w3l, Gryph, Rakuno, Wolfy, Izlain, Ravanel, and Shad0ws. And an extra-special thanks to J3w3l for posting about the game and not seeming to mind that I totally stole her schtick. πŸ˜‰

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  1. That was fun, like being part of some live play. I really enjoyed being dragged in against my will and participating πŸ˜‰
    I also been looking forward to these rimworld live tweets each night you have them up.

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