Project Ozone 2 progress: Flying, bug bosses, and nukes

I go AFK for a few minutes and come back to a skeleton…wool…man?

Lord Crumb and I have been busy in Project Ozone 2 over the weekend. Here’s some of the things we did…

I expanded our power generation by adding 8 wind turbines on top of our redwood tree. At that height, they generate 2,000 redstone flux per tick, giving us 16,000 rf/t total. Basically, that’s enough power to last us for a good while.

I increased the size of the automatic farm so we could get more resources, although I found that when I breed crops up to 10/10/10 (the best stats they can have), we get so many resources that it overloads our storage. That’s why I’m only using not even a third of the farm currently.

I don’t have any minicio planted anymore because we have more than we could ever use. By the way, minicio can be combined to better tiers of essences. 4 minicio makes 1 accio, 4 accio makes 1 crucio, 4 crucio makes 1 imperio, and 4 imperio makes 1 zivicio. By the time I removed the minicio plants from the farm, we had over 700 zivicio.

So that meant that we could make zivicio armor which gives you 96% damage mitigation, the ability to fly, and negates falling damage.

In order to get to zivicio, you need to first make a certain tier of jetpack for the chestpiece as well as diamond armor for your head, legs, and feet. Then you need to go through 3 tiers of essence armor to get to the zivicio armor. So pictured above, from left to right, is my character in no armor, artifact armor, accio armor, crucio armor, imperio armor, and finally zivicio armor. It’s too bad that you can’t chose what colour you want the armor to be because I think I would have stuck with the blue from the imperio armor. But flight is way too good to pass up.

Still, I’m going to keep my hang glider, because Lord Crumb and I had a little race and it’s twice as fast as flying in zivicio armor (with the downside of constantly descending). Also because it’s a freaking hang glider.

I found out that the signs from Biblocraft are pretty damn cool and you can add items to them, so I improved our labels after I reorganized the farming/miscellaneous storage.

On the topic of decoration, I created this crystalline structure around our water pool to complement the root hanging down from the ceiling. It’s made of glowstone glass so it’s also a light source.

I also got started with the Botania mod and spruced the area up with some golden oak trees that I got from our trip to the Aether (note to self: remember to get screenshots the next time I’m there).

I absolutely love the golden oaks because their leaves have these gold particles that are always drifting down from them. I also used some of the leaves to make a few hedges and bushes on the ground to make the area more interesting.

Lord Crumb saw the trees and path that I had laid and created 4 gorgeous street lamps along the path using a combination of white lights and microblocks.

Back on the topic of portals, I made another one in the portal room, this one going to Erebus.

I also forgot to take screenshots while exploring in here (note to self 2: seriously, remember to take screenshots when entering new dimensions), but to summarize, it’s an underground world (dirt roof and floor) that has a variety of unique biomes with a whole host of different mobs. Most of them insect-related and eager to devour you alive.

The one place I did remember to take some screenshots when we were going to fight one of the bosses, the Antlion Overload. First we needed to find a pyramid that spawned rarely in a volcanic desert biome.

Then we needed to navigate a gigantic underground maze, kill the four golem guardians within, and use the idols they dropped to open the top of the pyramid. Then there’s a series of portals that you need to open by placing certain mob drops in slots on the floor.

And finally we were able to get to the Antlion Overlord who has abilities that include reflecting ranged attacked, blinding players, and pounding the ground to send out shockwaves that knock you back.

It honestly took way longer to find the pyramid and all the golems within the maze than it did to open the portals and kill the boss. But Lord Crumb got a cool hammer that has the shockwave ability and we also completed a quest to get an item we need to open a portal to the Aroma mining dimension! That’ll be coming up in another post soon I imagine.

Lord Crumb’s been very busy with PneumaticCraft and has expanded his room for it.

His pressure chamber has also gotten larger.

His oil refinery has gotten more complex and now includes processing to make more of the liquids he wants.

There’s also now robotic arms that make better…things for him. I don’t really know what. I do remember him showing me that they can make better pipes. Either way, some of the arms have lasers!

He’s also built jefferies tubes…

…that lead to a massive heat sink.

Lord Crumb did take the time to open a few chance cubes. Chance cubes give random “rewards” that can either be good, useless, bad, or absolutely devastating. One of the cubes that Lord Crumb opened definitely fell in the last category.

That, ladies and gentleman, is what a nuclear explosion looks like in Minecraft. Thankfully, he did not do it near our base. He did however do it right next to our first base.

To give you a sense of scale, each section of this map grid represents a chunk, which is 16×16 blocks. There’s a lot of chunks in that crater. The little blue dot with label that you see slightly off the center of the giant crater is the waypoint that I had for our first base. It’s been completely obliterated.

The only remnants I could find of that base was some ladders I had placed to climb into a nearby ravine.

Lord Crumb is no longer allowed to open chance cubes in the overworld. Once I get the mining dimension portal up, he can open them in there to his heart’s content. 😛

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