A MST3K Halloween – Manos: The Hands of Fate

I’ve saved the best two for last. So for Day 9, we have Manos: The Hands of Fate.

How bad is it? 1.9/10 on IMDB

Why is it so bad? Manos may be in the movie title, but really Torgo is the real star. A twitchy, wobbling, creepy star. He even has his own theme song when he walks around with his gigantic thighs. Then there’s the argument amongst the wives that leads to 10 minutes of women wrestling in negligees. And there’s the Master’s fabulous hands poncho. Other than that, there’s the horribly cinematography, nonsensical music, bad acting, awkward pauses, and a plot that doesn’t make sense. Let’s just say there’s a reason it’s one of the Bottom 100 movies of all time.

The whole episode is on YouTube along with the short Hired! Part 2.

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