Carpal tunnel and castles

I realize that you haven’t heard much from me since the end of October but for a very good reason. Long story short, I was mostly refraining from using the computer due to the carpal tunnel. Now I’m back at work for a couple hours a day so I’m slowly getting better. It still hurts sometimes though, in places all throughout my arms and shoulders. I’m going to try blogging somewhat regularly again because I’m getting really tired of just watching TV. I’m still watching Bones and I’m thankfully on the last season. It’s a good show but I’m getting tired of it since I’ve started in Season 1 and I’m near the beginning of Season 10.

I had a great time in England with Lord Crumb. We visited quite a few castles, ruins and old churches; watched Rifftraxs, iZombie, and Z Nation; and generally lounged around in the holiday cottage we were staying in. I learned that the English like their roads terrifyingly narrow and they have chips with all sorts of food (but no one makes Caesar salads). All in all, a fun trip. So I’ll sign off with some pictures I took while I was over there:

Jewry Wall
Jewry Wall, the ruins of a Roman bathhouse from around 125 AD
Inside the Guildhall in Leicester
Inside the Guildhall in Leicester
Leicester Cathedral
An altar and just a few of the stained glass windows in Leicester Cathedral
Vicars of Leicester
A list of the vicars of Leicester going back to the 13th century
Richard III final resting place
The final resting place of King Richard III in the Cathedral
Richard III tomb cover
The fabric cover that was lain over King Richard’s remains during his re-interment
Richard III armor
A replica of Richard’s armor
Richard's skeleton
Casts of Richard’s skeleton. The curved spine is from scoliosis
Medieval weapons
Replicas of some of the medieval weapons used at the Battle of Bosworth where Richard III died
Plate armor
The many pieces and layers of a set of plate armor
Lord Crumb in a helmet
Lord Crumb wearing one example of a metal helmet
Ashby de la Zouch Castle
Ashby de la Zouch Castle
The view from the top of a tower at Ashby Castle
The view from the top of a tower at Ashby Castle (98 steep steps high!)
Malahide Castle in Dublin
Malahide Castle in Dublin
Great Hall in Malahide Castle
Great Hall in Malahide Castle
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle Throne Room
Dublin Castle Throne Room
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