A MST3K Halloween – The Creeping Terror

For Day 2 of our “scary” MST3K movies, we have the monster movie The Creeping Terror.

How bad is it? 2.1/10 on IMDB. It beats Werewolf though!

Why is it so bad? The director’s idea of “space age technology” is lots of dials and meters. Whole walls of them. The thing that makes this movie so horrible though is the star of the show: the monster. It looks like a pile of discarded carpets that came to life, and its shape is uh…interesting. It hasn’t mastered the art of walking it seems so it has got to be THE slowest monster in existence. “Creeping” is really an apt description of it. It’s so slow that the only way it catches its victims is when they throw themselves into its mouth. I almost feel sorry for the movie makers because rumor has it that they had a much more impressive monster built for this movie but it was stolen a few days before shooting began. I say “almost” because they then decided that throwing together this carpet monstrosity was good enough and filmed anyways.

Want to watch the whole thing? It’s on YouTube!

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