A MST3K Halloween – Werewolf

I love bad movies. Not the ones that are so boring that they put you to sleep, but the ones are done so horribly that you can’t help but laugh at them. So it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m a huge of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

MST3K took bad movies and made them better (worse?) by adding jokes and hilarious commentary that make them worth watching. It ran for 11 seasons, totaling in 197 episodes, because there are a LOT of horrible movies out there. Since one of their favorite genres was “horror” (and I use that term loosely when describing these movies), I think it would be appropriate to feature some of them for Halloween. Let’s say 10 movies over 10 days. This should be fun. 😉

For Day 1, we have one of my favorites: Werewolf.

How bad is it? 1.6/10 on IMDB

Why is it so bad? The characters seem to be incapable of pronouncing “werewolf” correctly and even change how they say it from scene to scene. Despite the fact that the first werewolf is deader than a door nail (it’s just a skeleton), even getting the smallest scratch from it results in the person turning into a werewolf. Yuri’s hair style changes every time that he appears on the screen. Joe Estevez (Martin Sheen’s brother) appears for the first half hour of the movie and is never seen again. One woman being chased by a werewolf has plenty of time to get away, but she somehow manages to stumble into a shallow mud puddle in the middle of the desert and just lays there screaming instead. A car drives into a stack of barrels placed in the middle of an empty parking lot and explodes because…reasons. And finally, the phrase “sleeping nose to anus”.

If you haven’t seen Werewolf yet, you’re in luck! The entire MST3K episode is on YouTube. Enjoy!

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