No sleep make Faeldray come up with crappy titles

[Blaugust Day 9]

Yesterday was one of those days where both good and bad things happen. The bad thing was that I woke up early in the morning to the sound of my dog about to puke. I leapt straight out of bed and luckily was able to maneuver her into the bathroom so at least she threw up on the tile floor rather than the carpet. By the time I finished cleaning that up, I had a nice big headache due to only getting about 6 hours of sleep (and not getting much the previous night either). So I wasn’t able to fall asleep again and the headache stuck with me throughout the rest of the day. When it came time to write up a post last evening, I found I was just too wiped and went to bed instead. Which is why you’re seeing Day 9’s post today.

The good thing was that we were able to fix Lord Crumb’s completely bugged War in the North save. I had the idea to send him my save since I was just ahead of him in the game and mine was un-bugged. So I hosted a game long enough for him to give me his gear and inventory, saved it, and then sent him the file. It actually worked out great since it turns out that not only are levels shared across characters (you’re the same level no matter which character you play), but so is the inventory. So I didn’t even have to send him his gear back, he just equipped what was in “his” inventory. I realize that this is essentially a way to make infinite money but I guess that was to be expected in a game with such huge bugs. Either way, we were able to continue playing yesterday and had a lot more cool scenes involving eagles, orcs, and dwarves. Judging by the map overview, we still have a lot of places to visit so I don’t know how anyone finished this game in 11 hours.


  1. Awwww, middle of the night sick dog is never fun. My last one decided the middle of the night was a great time for it all to come out the other end at least one time, yeeeesh. Hope she feels better and you can catch up on some sleep!

    1. She was fine just a minute later and wondering when I’d feed her breakfast. 😛 I think she just ate too much grass the night before. But yes, one of the dog-owning things I could do without are the unpleasant wake-up calls!

      1. Ha! Both the dog in my story and my current one are lab mixes, so I 100% get the, “Ok, done, where’s food?” thing. Glad to hear she’s ok, though. 🙂

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